Global Packaging Linx: Opening up a world of flexible packaging opportunities

Global Packaging Linx (GPL) is a strategic initiative which is unique to our industry. The goal of GPL is aimed at procuring flexible packaging solutions from a select network of global packaging manufacturers, while maintaining Exopack's value commitments for quality, service, and innovation.
Through GPL, Exopack identifies opportunities within our multinational customer base that allow us to provide value through our own mix of domestic converted packaging solutions, as well as through offshore packaging technologies provided by our global alliance partners.

The suitability of the partner is based on our internal analysis of the:

GPL provides customers with the best of all worlds—two flexible packaging options combined into one positive bottom-line impacting solution.

  1. Domestic manufacturing that understands our customers' needs for responsive service, supply chain management, and technical support; and
  2. Offshore manufacturing that provides our customers with access to low-cost, high-quality packaging and unique technologies.

Many products can be sourced through GPL:
  • Barrier pouches (OPA/PE)
  • Profile pouches
  • Recloseable zipper and slider pouches
  • Recloseable cap and pouring spout pouches
  • Retort pouches
  • Extrusion laminations
  • Lidding: die cut and rollstock
  • Cut lamination films
  • PET/Alu/sealant (PE, CPP, OPP)
  • Wax, PE, Alu or BOPP coated papers
Stretch sleeves
Stretch hooder
Woven polypropylene products

global_packaging_linx_ICON_1For more information on how your company can benefit from this innovative package and material sourcing alternative, contact Virag Patel, our vice president of International Business, at; or call (917) 261-5139.