Agricultural Feed and Seed

feednseed_1 Variety of substrates

Unmatched for quality and durability

The wrong choice of packaging could lead to costly problems for both the packager and the consumer. Only Exopack has the resources and experience to handle your agricultural packaging needs. We design tough, durable packaging options which you can trust to perform in even the most challenging environments. Our ISO 9001 certification and our extensive experience in your industry allows us to provide multiple solutions for superior storage bags - when, where and how you need them.

Strength & Durability
Available in a variety of paper and plastic substrates, including woven polypropylene. Coatings and barriers available to provide protection in a variety of geographic environments.
Tamper Evident
Shur-Seal adhesive system that ensures fiber tear evidence if seal tampering is attempted.
Avaibility of bags made of renewable and/or compostable materials.
Quality Assurance
Lab tested for optimal performance on the filling line and in the field. Packaging is manufactured in ISO 9001 certified and AIB rated facilities.

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