Chemicals and Minerals


Chemicals are integral to modern society, whether in medicine, industrial manufacturing, agriculture or the production of foods, glues, and plastic. Exopack will work with your engineers, product managers or facilities to design packages which comply not only with your internal standards but those of UNDOT as well.

Packaging options include both paper and plastic rollstock, bags or pouches with specific substrate selection derived from your unique product needs. For improved customer handling, consider convenience options such as handles, reclosures and graphics which promote brand recognition or specific instructions for product use. Talk to your Exopack sales professional today and see what we can do for you.

Package Performance
A variety of both paper and plastic bags, pouches and rollstock are available to suit your specific needs.
Products designed for optimal performance on the filling line and in the field.
Consumer Appeal
Several product enhancements available including reinforced handles, ergonomic package design and unique opening/closure systems.
Performance engineered options such as high performance papers and other renewable resources, batch inclusion packaging, water-based inks and recyclable polyethylenes.
Strength & Durability
Available in a variety of paper and plastic substrates, including woven polypropylene. Coatings and barriers available to provide protection in diverse environments. Embossed surfaces for pallet stack stability.
Tamper Evident
ShurSeal adhesive system that ensures fiber tear evidence if seal tampering is attempted.
Quality Assurance
Lab tested for optimal performance on the filling line and in the field. Packaging is manufactured in ISO 9001 certified and/or AIB rated facilities.

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