Exopack relies on innovation to fulfill our commitments. That's why we're always working to bring the best options to the market so that our customers' products can be packaged and represented in the most effective and appealing ways.

Here are some examples of how Exopack can provide innovative solutions to your packaging needs:

Innovative Solutions Benefits
Spouted Closures Eases pourability from stand-up pouch structures. Potential for elimination of rigid containers for pourable products.
Substrate Variety Custom engineered structures which are designed for optimal performance. Available subtrates include: polyethylene, poly amids, polypropylene, polyester, paper, woven polypropylene and composite (paper inner ply/poly outer ply structure).
Electron Beam Coatings Enhance graphical appeal and performance. Cost-effective alternative to lamination. Built-in UV protection allows for outdoor storage while reducing the risk of fading print.
Handles Provides consumer convenience by proving greater ease when carrying and dispensing products. Available in either a rigid design or a reinforced die-cut.
Cold-Seal Replacement PET/mPP structure which eliminates the need for a cold-seal layer. Results in a source reduction in materials, increased impression count per printed roll and potential reduction in overall pallet load.
Zipped Closures Allows package to also be used as re-closeable container. Tamper evident inner membrane provides a deterent for product tampering.
Reduced Paper Plies Uses higher-strength kraft paper, which provides a lighter weight bag with equal to or greater durability than a traditonal 3-ply structure.
Propreitary Film Blends Resin selection tailored to meet performance demands on the filling line and in the field.
Tamper Evident Seals Shur Seal™ tamper evident technology uses a unique adhesive system that ensures fiber tear evidence if seal tampering is attempted. Allows for consumer peace of mind.