AquaCrystal Films


AquaCrystal, a high-clarity, high-gloss shrink film, is designed for multi-pack bundling systems. Tailored for individual applications, this family of films includes AquaCrystal CW (non-print overwrap), GP (high-performance bundling film), and XP (high shrink force bundling film), and is ideal for can or bottle size and configuration. (For example: 6-pack, 12-pack, 24-pack, sports cap, 16-oz., 32-oz., etc.) Specific shrink properties ensure the integrity of your package through distribution and onto the retail shelf.

AquaCrystal is also a cost-effective choice for providing outstanding billboard graphics on its printable surface. Distortion graphic design is used to alleviate shrink distortion of key graphic elements; and shrink film, by nature, is a more sustainable option than cartons. The unique combination of high clarity, stiffness, and high CD shrink make AquaCrystal products a leader in the polyethylene multi-pack shrink film industry.

AquaCrystal is fully recyclable as a polyethylene-based resin package.


AquaCrystalTM CW_1



AquaCrystalTM XP_2

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