Bags and Pouches

It’s all in the bag.


Only Exopack can bring the structural variety and manufacturing experience necessary to ensure maximum shelf appeal for your products. For consumer retail products weighing 10 pounds or less, our ENDURO™ premade bags and standup pouches are the perfect solution to meet the requirements of today’s retail marketplace. Our RAVE™ line of large premade bags is the perfect solution for reduced retail damage, consumer convenience, and overall lower packaging costs. Available in a variety of paper, plastic and woven polypropylene structures, Exopack can meet you and your customers needs for premade bags engineered for superior integrity, runability and convenience.

For industrial sacks, Exopack focuses on performance and line efficiency. Express-PV™ valve bags provide the lowest cost packaging solution for many applications. Improved porosity with increased strength per pound of paper, these sacks are designed for high speed filling lines. For more information, explore Exopack's full offering.

sm_paperbag Paper

For both consumer and industrial applications, paper based packaging can have many advantages. The paper multiwall shipping sack offers a wide range of advantages and attributes that enhance its functionality for transportation and storage of many dry, granular, palletized, and powdered products. For products requiring package with a removable liner, Exopack's Seal-n-Vent product was designed for you.



Diversity is the name of the game for plastic bags and pouches. Whether you are packaging sophisticated food products, exotic pet foods or branded water softener salts, Exopack premade bags and pouches can deliver the peace of mind you crave. Explore the range of product types, convenience features and substrate options Exopack offers. For industrial applications, the plastic shipping sack comes in a range of substrates, product formulations and bag styles to support your demanding applications.



Durable, tear resistant woven polypropylene bags from Exopack are available with eight color rotogravure printing. All of our bags meet FDA compliance criteria and can offer you the additional advantage of reduced material weight per bag.



Microwave packaging options include popcorn style bags which are available from Exopack with specific susceptor technology combined with patented package venting.

Paper Bag Styles
Plastic Bag Styles
Pasted Valve (PV)
Bottom Seal Shipping Sack
Sewn Open Mouth (SOM)
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Pinch Bottom Open Mouth (PBOM)
Side Weld
Self Opening Sack (SOS)
Quad Seal
Dairy Bag
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