Insta-Bowl™ is an award-winning bag-and-bowl microwave popcorn packaging product, targeted to vending machine, convenience-store customers or new portion control branded products.

Manufactured in our Sibley, IA facility, this laminated bag is constructed of two grease-proof, paper plies with a microwave susceptor patch trapped between them.  A pull-string easy open feature releases the top seal of the package, and its triangular shape allows it to sit flat and form a shallow, ready-to-eat bowl.

Insta-Bowl™ was a multiple Flexible Packaging Association Award winner in 2005, receiving a Gold Award for technical innovation and a Silver Award for packaging excellence. This popcorn package also won an AmeriStar Award from the Institute of Packaging Professionals in 2004. Let Exopack's Insta-Bowl™ reward you with additional sales growth!