Dartek® retains its properties over a broad temperature range. It remains flexible as low as -100°F (-73°C) and will withstand temperatures up to 450°F (232°C), depending on environmental conditions. It is resistant to most organic solvents and dilute alkalis, but should not be used in contact with strong acids. Its strength and durability are excellent, as is its abrasion resistance. The outstanding clarity and sparkle of Dartek® help to ensure that the packaged product is displayed optimally.

Dartek® Cast Nylon 6,6 Films

Dartek® nylon 6, 6 cast film is a versatile material for packaging applications. When you specify Dartek nylon film, you know you'll get the performance you want, without compromise. Each grade of film addresses specific performance requirements. Pick the kind of protection you need for your product, and rest assured that you'll get the consistent roll quality and job-to-job machinability you expect from Exopack.

Typical Applications

  • Food Packaging
  • Medical and Healthcare Packaging
  • Industrial Applications

Features and Benefits

  • Can be shaped to fit your product
  • Has outstanding gas and oil barrier properties
  • Excellent clarity and abrasion resistance
  • High tensile strength

N201-Pouches and Bags
Dartek® N201 is a strong, transparent film made from nylon 6, 6. Because of its toughness, it is ideally suited to more demanding applications such as vacuum packaging. Dartek® N201 is often laminated to polyethylene, or other sealant webs, and is particularly effective where grease or oil is present in the package.

F101, SF502, SF700-Thermoforming
These grades of Dartek® nylon film have a combination of properties which make them suitable for a variety of packaging applications. They exhibit excellent thermoformability over a broad temperature range, as well as good barrier resistance to gases, odors, oils, and greases. This film also resists thinning and puckering in heat-seal areas. The result is highly consistent seal quality.