Providing converted materials in rollstock form is often the most desirable format for a customer with high speed packaging lines which form the final package.  In other cases, Exopack customers depend on these converted materials to become an integral part of their final manufactured product.  In either case, we can design a solution which will meet your exacting needs.

specialty_smPaper Rollstock

While paper packaging has been a mainstay in the packaged foods arena, it has recently gained recognition for its renewable characteristics.  Click here to find out more about Exopack's offering.


Laminated Rollstock

Many products have unique requirements that can't always be addressed by one substrate choice.  Exopack's laminated offerings can combine the features of multiple material types for the benefit of your product and manufacturing efficiencies.


Plastic Film Rollstock

Whether used in form-fill-seal (FFS), flow-wrap packaging, multi-packing or bundling, rollstock films from Exopack are specially designed to bring positive results for our customers.