Bag School


Ever wonder how packaging can change your business? Well, learn exactly how such a simple concept can have a big effect on your business at one of our helpful Flexible Packaging Schools or Paper Bag Schools. Talk with your account representative and set up a time to learn the ins and outs of flexible packaging. It's guaranteed to change your view of flexible packaging.

If you work in one of these departments, you should attend one of these educational and informative programs:

Typical Flexible Packaging School Program
Day 1 Day 2
Welcome and Objectives Discuss Package Design Considerations/Performance
Market Review Polywoven Packaging
Resins and Films Bag Sizing, Palletizing and Sealing
Blown Film Process Bag Sizing, Palletizing and Sealing
Laminations Trouble Shooting
Plastic Packaging Product Styles Q&A/Feedback
Packaging Equipment Review Group Lunch
Graphics, Prepress and Printing
Plant Tour
Group Dinner

Typical Paper Bag School Program
Day 1 Day 2
Welcome and Objectives Graphics, Prepress and Printing
Quality Focus Barrier Materials
Marketing Overview Barrier Materials
Resins and Films Handmade Sampling
Solventless Lamination Panel Discussion
Plastic Bag Introduction Bag Plant Tour
Plastic Bag Design
Bag Packaging Papers
Group Dinner